How to Attend

It’s absurd white people can’t gather publicly to discuss their interests like any other ethnic group without facing harassment by the media, the threat of physical violence or general freak outs.  Accordingly, we’ve had to institute a vetting process to protect our speakers and guests.

All prospective first-time attendees must complete the following steps to confirm their honest intentions and upstanding moral character.  Be aware the vetting process can take up to two weeks, so please plan accordingly.  There is a one-time vetting fee of $50 to cover your criminal background check and interview(s).

This can be waived on a case-by-case basis if you’ve been referred by an existing NWF attendee.  Please contact the event coordinator here.

Step One: (Upload picture and complete questionnaire)
Please complete this application. The purpose of this questionnaire is to confirm the honest intentions of every attendee.  We don’t expect attendees to agree on every issue. This is a place for new ideas and interesting conversation!

Step Two: (Speak with existing Northwest Forum Members)
We will contact you within three business days to set up your Skype or in-person interview.

Step Three:  (Welcome to the Northwest Forum!)
Shortly after your last interview, you’ll receive an invitation to attend and instructions on how to register.